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Luke Volz

May 17, 2010

Imangine this, you area a brilliant painter of picaso potential.  You are painting a house and you need to know how much paint you will need.  First, you need to find the surface area of the prism shaped house.  You will need to know how to find that surface area.  Then once you find that, you will know just how much paint you will need to complet the house.  Another example is if you are a roof constructor and you have to put shingles on a house.  You need to find the surface are of the roof so that you know how many shingles you need.


Luke Volz

December 3, 2009

There are many different fields of work that rely on congruent shapes.  One good example is the construction of a bridge.  Each side of the bridge has to be congruent with the opposite side in order for the bridge to be structurally sound.  Another example of congruent shapes is the laying of tile.  It is much easier to lay the tile when every piece is congruent as opposed to non congruent tile.  If all the tile were not congruent then it would be like solving a puzzle, which is more difficult.  One more example is in the construction of a roof.  Each truss must be congruent.  They must have equal shape, length, and angle in order for the roof to be effective.  Those are just a few of the many applications that require congruent shapes.

Luke Volz-Period 5 Geometry