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Lauren Wagner

May 17, 2010

Suppose a water tank in the shape of a right circular cylinder is thiry feet long and eight feet in diameter.  How much sheet metal was used in its construction?  This is an exampleo f a real life application for finding the surface are of a cylinder.  Anyone from a lumber to a painter would need ot know the formula.  A painter would need the formula so that they can decide how much paint they need to get if they are painting an object in the shape of a cylinder. 

Also, someone who makes toys would need to know how much material is needed if they were making an object in the shape of a cylinder.  Surface area can also be used if you are trying to find out how much wrapping paper to wrap a gift.  Surface area is used for many things rom gifts to plumbing.


Lauren Wagner

November 17, 2009

There are not very many jobs where you would have to know the exact distance

from a point to a line. A job where you would use that is if you make cd’s.

This job would be very difficult trying to get the EXACT distance. They also

use this theorem a lot to make gaming programs.

There also are a number of 3D geometric construction techniques that require a coordinate system perpendicular to a line segment, some examples are:

  • Creating a disk given its center, radius and normal.

  • Forming a cylinder given its two end points and radii at each end.

  • Creating a plane coordinate system perpendicular to a line.