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Justin Sheldon

April 16, 2010

Area of a circle

The area of a circle is the number of square units inside the circle. You could use this if you worked at pizza hut and wanted to know how much toppings would fit on a certain pizza, also if you wanted to garnish food it would be helpful to know what to put on and how much.

Justin Sheldon


Justin Sheldon

December 11, 2009

Mid-segment of a triangle———–You would use a mid-segment of a triangle if you were a architect and needing to design a house. If you happened to mess up with the mid-segment of a triangle the house could collapse. It could also make the walls collapse because the mid-segment would not be connecting both sides together, so the walls would have no support, this is why you would us the mid-segment of a triangle if you where a architect, there is a lot more jobs that also use this.