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Ethan Malmkar

April 16, 2010

You are an architect. You have been asked to help design the seating for a movie theater that is in a circular shape. You must design the seating so that all of the seats will provide an acceptable view of the screen. You will be given parameters for what constitutes an acceptable view. How can you make sure that every seat in the theater is correctly placed?  You will need to find the measure of the inscribed angle so that all the seating can see the screen completely.


Ethan Malmkar

August 17, 2009

Inductive reasoning involves making useful generalizations about the environment as a whole, based on a necessarily limited number of observations. As such, it is an important tool that people use to build the models of reality they need to function effectively.

While conclusions can be wrong if observations are faulty or are drawn from an unrepresentative sample, if properly used, inductive reasoning can be incredibly powerful. Indeed, it lies at the root of the scientific method that has done so much to advance humanity in the last 500 years. Properly-applied scientific method is inductive reasoning in its purest form.

At the core of inductive reasoning is the ability to look at outcomes, events, ideas and observations, and draw these together to reach a unified conclusion. Considering this, an experienced business person can use his or her own experiences to draw conclusions about current situations and solve problems based on what he or she has known to work in the past in similar situations.

By accepting conclusions derived from inductive reasoning as “true” (in a practical sense), good managers can build on these conclusions and move forward effectively and successfully.

Ethan Malmkar