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Chase Weiss

May 17, 2010

Knowing the volume of a prism would be helpful in real life for someone at a packing company needing to know how much packing foam to put in a pcakage.  It would also be helpful for a pizza company knowing how big to make it so that a a pizza will fit, or a person who wanted to fill a fish tank.


Chase Weiss

September 30, 2009

  • Magnetoelectronics is mainly digital, i.e. governed by up and down magnetizations. In contrast, analogue magnetoelectronics makes use of phenomena occuring for non-collinear magnetization configurations. Here we review theories which have recently been applied to the transport in non-collinear magnetic nanostructures in two and multiterminal structures, viz. random matrix and circuit theory. Both are not valid for highly transparent systems in a resistive environment like perpendicular metallic spin valves. The solution to this problem is a renormalization of the conventional and spin-mixing conductance parameters.