Lauren Wagner

Suppose a water tank in the shape of a right circular cylinder is thiry feet long and eight feet in diameter.  How much sheet metal was used in its construction?  This is an exampleo f a real life application for finding the surface are of a cylinder.  Anyone from a lumber to a painter would need ot know the formula.  A painter would need the formula so that they can decide how much paint they need to get if they are painting an object in the shape of a cylinder. 

Also, someone who makes toys would need to know how much material is needed if they were making an object in the shape of a cylinder.  Surface area can also be used if you are trying to find out how much wrapping paper to wrap a gift.  Surface area is used for many things rom gifts to plumbing.



5 Responses to “Lauren Wagner”

  1. christian myers Says:

    that is nice to know and the person who makes toys very interesting

  2. Luke Volz Says:

    Thats cool I never knew toy makers used this. That makes a lot of sense though. Good example

  3. Emma Lee Says:

    I never really thought about a horse tank but that makes a lot of sense.

  4. Spencer Elliott Says:

    A toy maker. all this is pretty interesting but i found that the most interesting

  5. Abby Hess Says:

    This is a great example of what we’re learning can be used in real life if we attention.

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