Kylie Wroot

Often we need to know how much of a solid, liquid, or gaseous matter a container can contain. Taking the example of the soda can further, suppose you want to know how much soda a cylinder of certain measurements can contain, you simply insert the measurements of the cylinder into the formula and you have your answer! A cylinder is one of the most common types of containers which we can see around and hence, there is a need to find the volume of a cylinder.

Kylie Wroot

Period 5



5 Responses to “Kylie Wroot”

  1. christian myers Says:

    that is very interseting

  2. Luke Volz Says:

    Thats a good example. A pop can is a prime example of volume in a cylinder.

  3. Emma Lee Says:

    This is something I’m sure many people use often but haven’t thought of.

  4. Spencer Elliott Says:

    Good example. The only thing i can really think of that are cylinders are pop can and chap stick.

  5. Abby Hess Says:

    We see cylinders all the time man! I never really thought about the math behind it that took to fill it with its goods.

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