Lydia Lusk

A chord is a line segment that joins two pints on a curve.  In geometry, a chord is often used to describe a line segment joining two endpoints that lie on a circle.  The circle to the right contains chord AB.  If this circle was a pizza pie, you could cut off a piece of pizza along chord AB.  By cutting along chord AB, you are cutting off a segment of pizza that includes this chord.



7 Responses to “Lydia Lusk”

  1. Janelle Hoatson Says:

    good to know expecially if i got in a fight with my borther over pizza

  2. Derra Lusk Says:

    good to know for cutting pizza

  3. Spencer Elliott Says:

    This is good to know if you work at a pizza place. This is also a good way to explain to someone what a chord is if they don’t know.

  4. Jeremy Spain-Carrion Says:

    This was interesting, I forgot that you could use math when it comes to food. And it gives a nice definition of what a chord is.

  5. christian myers Says:

    good to know for making even slices of pizza

  6. Luke Volz Says:

    Thats interesting. Pizza and geometry go together quite a bit.

  7. Emma Lee Says:

    This is interesting I work at Papa Murphy’s and never knew I did geometry at work.

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