Ethan Malmkar

You are an architect. You have been asked to help design the seating for a movie theater that is in a circular shape. You must design the seating so that all of the seats will provide an acceptable view of the screen. You will be given parameters for what constitutes an acceptable view. How can you make sure that every seat in the theater is correctly placed?  You will need to find the measure of the inscribed angle so that all the seating can see the screen completely.



7 Responses to “Ethan Malmkar”

  1. Derra Lusk Says:

    good to know if i was a architect

  2. Janelle HOatson Says:

    good to know that would be good expecially for a movie theater so u could make the most amount of money you could

  3. Spencer Elliott Says:

    This is very interesting. This is a good example. usually if you had a movie theater you wouldnt make it round and if you did it would be hard to make a place for all the seet for everyone to see.

  4. Luke Volz Says:

    Thats a good example. I makes a lot of sense in the movie theater being inscribed.

  5. christian myers Says:

    it is good to know so that you can fit as many people in to make the most amount of money

  6. Jeremy Spain-Carrion Says:

    I like going to the movies! But I’ve never thought about what it would take to build the place. This is interesting.

  7. Emma Lee Says:

    That’s weird I never thought of that either. You use geometry a lot without even thinking about it.

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