Ashia Lum

The radius of a circle is the distance from the center of a circle to any point on the circle.  If you place two radii end to end in a circle, you would have the same length as one diameter.  Thus, the diameter of a circle is twice as long as the radius. 

Pi is the relationship fo the circumference of a circle to the diameter.  Thus for any circle, if you divide the circumference by the diameter, you get a value close to 3.14. 

When the pentagon was built the original figure was supposed to be a circel but they over estimated the area of the land to the circumference of the circle and ended up with a pentagon.



7 Responses to “Ashia Lum”

  1. Derra Lusk Says:

    good to know

  2. Janelle Hoatson Says:

    good to know i liek pentagons

  3. Spencer Elliott Says:

    This is interesting. I never knew that the pentagon was suppose to be a circle. That is a good example if geometry in real like because that the only building that is not just a square or a rectangle.

  4. Jeremy Spain-Carrion Says:

    This had some crazy information!! I learned alot about circles just reading it!

  5. Luke Volz Says:

    I never knew that about the pentagon. Thats pretty interesting and it makes sense

  6. christian myers Says:

    that is confusing but i like the effort nice job

  7. Emma Lee Says:

    I never knew it was supposed to be a circle that is interesting. It would be really cool to have a circle building.

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