Riley Evarts

Basically, the converse states that whenever the sum of the squares of two sides equal to the square of the third side of the triangle, the triangle is a right triangle.  You can use this in real life in a few ways.  If you need to reach a roof with a ladder and you have it slanted too far, you’ll never reach the top.



7 Responses to “Riley Evarts”

  1. Spencer Elliott Says:

    You do need to know how to put up a lader so you can roof your house or put up christmas light!!

  2. Cameron Bargell Says:

    good job Ri Ri you did it without me good work i never knew that either

  3. janelle hoatson Says:

    very interestingthe u would need to know that just to be able to get on a roof

  4. derra lusk Says:

    very interesting you would need to know that to paint your house and to get on the roof

  5. lydia lusk Says:

    good job this is important

  6. christian myers Says:

    that is interesting. you would have to know that so you could reach the top nice job

  7. Emma Lee Says:

    It would be important to reach the top this would definetly help for your Christmas lights.

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