Janelle Hoatson

Trigonometry finds a perfect partner in modern architecture. The beautifully curved surfaces in steel, stone and glass would be impossible if not for the immense potential of this science. So how does this work actually. In fact the flat panels and straight planes in the building are but at an angle to one another and the illusion is that of a curved surface.






The techniques in trigonometry are used for finding relevance in navigation particularly satellite systems and astronomy, naval and aviation industries, oceanography, land surveying, and in cartography (creation of maps). 




7 Responses to “Janelle Hoatson”

  1. Spencer Elliott Says:

    I think this say something about using whatever her topic was about with architecture and how you use this in astronomy i dont really understand what her topic is

  2. Cameron Bargell Says:

    If her topics trig. good work i never knew all the things you need trig. in

  3. derra lusk Says:

    well thats good to know on navigation

  4. lydia lusk Says:

    good job this is good to know

  5. christian myers Says:

    that is cool that the flat and striaght panels are at an angel to make them look curved

  6. Emma Lee Says:

    I never thought of that it would be very helpful to find your way home.

  7. Abby Hess Says:

    It’s interesting that you can use straight things to make curves and such. Smart way to tie into class

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