Emma Lee

There are lots of reasons you would need to identify a parallelogram in life.  There are things like when you’re building a house you need to know that each side is equal so that you buy the right amount of siding or brick.  There are  smaller things like picture frames that you need to know if tey are parallel in case you are making a collage or something.   Doors are also parallel so you need to make sure that the door frame is also parallel so that the door will fit properly.



6 Responses to “Emma Lee”

  1. Jeremy Spain-Carrion Says:

    This is cool, i never knew that you could use parallelograms is something as big as a house, to something as small as a picture frame.

  2. Spencer Elliott Says:

    You really do need to know about parrelagrams you wouldnt want your door to colapse on you or half of your house not to have brick or siding.

  3. Cameron Bargell Says:

    good job i never knew you needed to know parrallelograms in houses

  4. janelle hoatson Says:

    this must be important to know if your a carpenter

  5. derra lusk Says:

    good job this is important in a house

  6. christian myers Says:

    wow i did not think you would need to know this so you could side your house

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