Spencer Elliott

It is important to know that figures are similar becase if you know they are similar but not exacly the same you can figure out the scale factor instead on completely re-measuring or trying to copy something exactly. Also you can use siimilar figures like on a map they are not life sized but they are in the same exact place. The states on a map of the untied states are exactly the same in the same place but just smaller.

By:Spencer Elliott

Period #5



8 Responses to “Spencer Elliott”

  1. Lauren Wagner Says:

    I get that because all there are many maps of different sizes

  2. janelle hoatson Says:

    good to know on a map so u no how long it will take on a trip

  3. Derra lusk Says:

    very good to know on a map

  4. Emma Lee Says:

    That makes sense it would be neccesary if you were making a map.

  5. Anna Allberry Says:

    I never really thought of using geometry with maps, but now it makes sense that you would need this for a map.

  6. Luke Volz Says:

    It would be really important in making a map. Pretty good example.

  7. Jeremy Spain-Carrion Says:

    Whoaaa!! That is intense, maps are totally awesome. I LOVE MAPPSSS!!!

  8. Cameron Bargell Says:

    great example maps was great

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