Cameron Bargell

There are many professions that use the principles of geometric arithemtic.  A common job to employ the use of geometry and arithmetic is the building trade.  A builder must be able to measure areas, and understand how to read measurements.  Geometric arithmetic is also used in manyother fields.  For instance geometry and arithemtic is used in computer graphics, computer aided designs, robotics, medical imaging, structural engineering and many more.



7 Responses to “Cameron Bargell”

  1. Lauren Wagner Says:

    Triangles have a lot to do with buildings and computers. this is really cool.

  2. janelle hoatson Says:

    that is good to know if i would ever want to into computers

  3. Lydia Lusk Says:

    Good to know.

  4. Derra lusk Says:

    good to know if you want to go into computers

  5. Emma Lee Says:

    I never thought of being able to use it on computers but that would be handy to know.

  6. Anna Allberry Says:

    Wow ronnie you really out-did yourself! Very smart to be able to use this on computers.

  7. Luke Volz Says:

    Great job sunshine. Good example it all makes a lot of sense.

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