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Anna Allberry

February 1, 2010

The triangle inequality theorem states that in a triangle, you can pick any two sides’ measures, and when you add them together, the sum will be greater than the measure of the third side. This theorem can be a great importance in construction working. If a construction worker is trying to construct something with a triangle shape, and wants to know if the three measures will make a triangle, then the worker can use the triangle inequality theorem to add the measures together, and see if they will work.  For example, if you had a measurement of 3, 10, and 8 then add them together, 13>8, 18>3, and 11>10.  Therefore, the three measurements can make a triangle.


Spencer Elliott

February 1, 2010

It is important to know that figures are similar becase if you know they are similar but not exacly the same you can figure out the scale factor instead on completely re-measuring or trying to copy something exactly. Also you can use siimilar figures like on a map they are not life sized but they are in the same exact place. The states on a map of the untied states are exactly the same in the same place but just smaller.

By:Spencer Elliott

Period #5

Cameron Bargell

February 1, 2010

There are many professions that use the principles of geometric arithemtic.  A common job to employ the use of geometry and arithmetic is the building trade.  A builder must be able to measure areas, and understand how to read measurements.  Geometric arithmetic is also used in manyother fields.  For instance geometry and arithemtic is used in computer graphics, computer aided designs, robotics, medical imaging, structural engineering and many more.