Jeremy Carrion

Firemen, construction workers, and other workers often rely on the use of ladders in their line of work. They make use of the Pythagorean Theorem in various situations. For example, the height to a second story window may be 25 feet, and a window cleaner may need to put the ladder ten feet away from the house in order to avoid the bushes or flowers. How long of a ladder does the window cleaner need in order to achieve this task? (25)^2 + (10)^2 = c^2, or the length of ladder needed. 625 + 100 = 725. The square root of 725 is approximately 27, so the window cleaner would need a ladder 27 feet long.



12 Responses to “Jeremy Carrion”

  1. Alexis Beitler Says:

    Great example! I didn’t realize firefighters used math at all. Although that would be hard to do in the case of an emergency!

  2. Anna Allberry Says:

    This is really interesting. You wouldn’t think that a job like a firefighter would require anything like the pythagorean theorum!

  3. Emma Lee Says:

    Firemen and window cleaners even use geometry. I am surprised to find out that geometry is needed in an emergency and to clean your windows.

  4. Spencer Elliott Says:

    I wouldnt think that window cleaners or fire fighters would use geometry either that pretty interesting.

  5. Luke Volz Says:

    Thats really cool. I would have never thought that firemen use geometry. There is so many jobs that use geometry that I didn’t know about. Good example.

  6. Cameron Bargell Says:

    I had no idea firefighters and window cleaners used geometry good job

  7. Lauren Wagner Says:

    Wow! i didnt know that firefighters needed to use math. Window cleaner is such a simple job i didnt know they would need geometry.

  8. janelle hoatson Says:

    you see firemen useing ladders all the time but u never think they woukd use the pathgorean throeum good to know

  9. lydia lusk Says:

    Firemen using the pathgorean therom wow never thought of that

  10. Abby Hess Says:

    I’m not even sure what the Pythagorean Theorem is but I wouldn’t have guessed that all these workers would use it in different ways.

  11. chris arneson Says:

    nice job explaining what you would use the Pythagorean Theorem for

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