Cameron Bargell

Real Life Application of the Circumcenter of a Triangle


    There are many uses of the circumcenter of a triangle in real life, but most of these revolve around one main thing. That is when your trying to find a main point which is the same distance to three different locations or spots making it most relevent to people.  First of all circumcenter is where three perpendicular bisectors meet at the point of concurrency meaning that spot would be equal to all three vertices or highschools in this example right here. “You are a city planner and you want to find and place a bus garage that would be fair to three different spread out highschools across the town?” How would you do that?  This task would be hard to figure out if you didn’t know geometry and the circumcenter of a triangle. After you experiment and find out the spot that would be equidistant to all three highschools you would have found the circumcenter and solved your problem. Hopefully this real life application of the circumcenter of a triangle may help you when you get into your career.


By: Cameron Bargell



11 Responses to “Cameron Bargell”

  1. Alexis Beitler Says:

    That’s a good example of using the circumcenter. I never thought city planners would need to know geometry.. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anna Allberry Says:

    Plotting where the bus centers would go, would be impossible to figure out without a circumcenter. Very interesting

  3. Emma Lee Says:

    This makes a lot of sense it seems like an easy way to figure out that problem. I think this is a very good real life example.

  4. Spencer Elliott Says:

    I as well think this is a good real life example. If you want to run your buisness well you need a good location.

  5. Luke Volz Says:

    I would hate that job. That is way to hard to find the exact distance. It makes sense though for a city planner. Nice example Mrs. Brown…I mean Cameron.

  6. Lauren Wagner Says:

    That really makes a lot of since. Companies would want to put their buisnesses in the perfect6 spot and this would help.


  7. Jeremy Spain-Carrion Says:

    This actually sounds like a “real life example” WOW! Alot of thinking and apparently, geometry, goes into a city planners job…

  8. janelle hoatson Says:

    wow that sounds important that way the busses can pick up kids in time

  9. lydia lusk Says:

    yes the cicumcenter is important to many things

  10. Abby Hess Says:

    City planner using the circumcenter makes a lot of sense. Even as a business owner you want your business to be located in a conveinent place where people can easily get to it.

  11. chris arneson Says:

    you explained the circumcenter well and i liked the city planner idea

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