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There are many reasons people may need to know the altitude of buildings.  Pilots need to know the altitude of a building if they are going to be landing on a building, such as the pilots that fly the flight for life helicopter.  This is how pilots use altitude.

Descend to 900 feet above the top of the building about two miles away from your landing zone. Know the altitude of the building, and plan your flight in advance if possible. It is extremely important to position your helicopter to fly directly into the wind. Always know the direction of the prevailing winds, and be prepared to turn 180 degrees in order to land with a head wind.

Lower the collective lever slightly to prepare for a descent. Pull back on the cyclic stick to decrease forward speed. Adjust both the collective lever and cyclic stick simultaneously for a constant decent and decrease in ground speed. Stop your helicopter with zero descent and zero forward speed approximately 3 feet above the exact landing zone on top of the building.

Decrease your ground speed from cruising speed to 80 knots. Lower the helicopter in a gradual descent of 500 feet per minute one mile from the building and your landing zone. Lower the collective lever, pull back on the cyclic stick and input the foot pedal that keeps the helicopter flying in a straight line. Decrease cyclic input slowly to continually lower your ground speed. Increase your collective angle or pitch to avoid descending too fast as you lower your ground speed.

Maintain a constant glide angle by decreasing your ground speed and increasing the power from the engine. Constantly give foot pedal inputs to keep the tail rotor from swinging in the opposite direction of the inputs.

Slow your ground speed to 20 knots when you are 100 yards away from the building and 10 knots when you are 50 yards away from the building. Constantly decrease your forward ground speed as you continue to descend.


Maneuver the helicopter into a hover when you are 3 feet directly above the building and your landing zone. Lower the collective with small movements to settle onto the building, and maintain control by applying cyclic or foot pedal inputs to keep the helicopter evenly above your landing zone and parallel to the building without moving forward.

Without knowing the altitude of the building the pilot wouldn’t know how fast or slow to begin going and when to position the jet to get it on the building. Altitdue plays a very important role in the career of Piloting.



11 Responses to “Alexis Beitler”

  1. Anna Allberry Says:

    It makes sense that Piloting would require altitude, but I never knew that it could be so complicated! Altitude plays a very important role in this job.

  2. Emma Lee Says:

    This makes a lot of sense. Some very bad things would happen if pilots didn’t know the altitudes.

  3. Spencer Elliott Says:

    Helicopter and plane crashes can be serious. Thats very interesting I never thought that this many jobs used geometry.

  4. Luke Volz Says:

    This plays a huge role in piloting. Thats a pretty cool article. It is really complicated how it all works but it makes a lot of sense.

  5. Cameron Bargell Says:

    This is pretty complicating but makes sence good job

  6. Jeremy Spain-Carrion Says:

    Wow. Piloting sounds difficult! This makes alot of sense. Its a serious job!

  7. Lauren Wagner Says:

    That sounds hard but it makes sense. Pilots would need to know altitude since their in the air.

  8. janelle hoatson Says:

    good to know cuz if poilots didnt no altittude then they woudl crash into buidling adn lot of people would die

  9. lydia lusk Says:

    Using this may void a crash better good job

  10. Abby Hess Says:

    I knew pilots had to use altituted but not in this way. Very interesting.

  11. chris arneson Says:

    you made a good point with the helicopter flying

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