Kaitlan Anderson

You can use angle additon posulate in photography. Photographers have to line up all the angles on there camera to get the right focus. If they do not there pictures may come out blurry or unfocused. That is one of the many jobs that you use the angle additions postulate.



6 Responses to “Kaitlan Anderson”

  1. Spencer Elliott Says:

    I always see the photographers messing with the end of the camera thing. I bet they are ajusting the angles to get the right focus. That is very interesting

  2. Anna Allberry Says:

    I never really thought about photographers using the postulate. You wouldn’t ever think that it would have anything to do with photography but this makes sense.

  3. Emma Lee Says:

    I consider photography an art and art and geometry seem pretty opposite to me but it is interesting to know that they aren’t completely different.

  4. Luke Volz Says:

    I would have never thought photography would be used with angles. But now i can see how it would tie in. This is really interesting.

  5. Cameron Bargell Says:

    wow who would of thought photography went with triangles good job

  6. Abby Hess Says:

    You wouldn’t think that art and geometry would go together but they do. Without photographers knowing they’re using the angles addition postulate they use it every time they take a picture.

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