Christian Myers

Christian Myers


          You can use the midsegment theorem in professional soccer. In soccer you use this when you make triangles to get the ball moving. When one player moves to the center the other two will spread out to keep the triangle. Thus the ball is still moving and is not taken. Once the team gets close enough to the goal the two wings head to the goal post while the forward move in to take the shot he can either pass the ball to the left or right wing. This can be what you would call your midsegment. As long as you keep your distance and don’t go off sides this will work to help you score.



6 Responses to “Christian Myers”

  1. Spencer Elliott Says:

    I guess I never really think about technical stuff in sports like midsegment that is pretty interesting.

  2. Anna Allberry Says:

    I have been playing soccer for basically my whole life and have never once considered midsegment being associated with it. Using it with triangles in soccer was even more interesting.

  3. Emma Lee Says:

    This was very interesting because I have never thought of soccer and geometry being linked together.

  4. Luke Volz Says:

    I have never thought of soccer being tied in with midsegment. I like this because I can relate to it. Thats pretty interesting.

  5. Cameron Bargell Says:

    wow who would of thought geometry went with soccer great job

  6. Abby Hess Says:

    I played soccer for many years, I would have never realized how we used geometry all the time in practice or a game. It’s pretty interesting.

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