Luke Volz

There are many different fields of work that rely on congruent shapes.  One good example is the construction of a bridge.  Each side of the bridge has to be congruent with the opposite side in order for the bridge to be structurally sound.  Another example of congruent shapes is the laying of tile.  It is much easier to lay the tile when every piece is congruent as opposed to non congruent tile.  If all the tile were not congruent then it would be like solving a puzzle, which is more difficult.  One more example is in the construction of a roof.  Each truss must be congruent.  They must have equal shape, length, and angle in order for the roof to be effective.  Those are just a few of the many applications that require congruent shapes.

Luke Volz-Period 5 Geometry



6 Responses to “Luke Volz”

  1. Lauren Wagner Says:

    It’s amazing how many things there are out there that require congruent shapes

  2. Spencer Elliott Says:

    This is always thing that i have thought of when you think of using geometry in real life. You wouldnt want your roof to cave in on you or a bridge to fall down on you.

  3. Anna Allberry Says:

    I didn’t think about tiles being used with congruent shapes. I get how the bridge and roof tie in with this too.

  4. Emma Lee Says:

    It seems like most of the jobs that use geometry have to do with construction. I wonder what ones don’t.

  5. Cameron Bargell Says:

    A lot of geometry goes in with construction great job luke i like the effort

  6. Abby Hess Says:

    Very true about laying tile and putting a puzzle together. We keep hearing about jobs involving geometry and most of them are construction. What other ones are there? That we would actually like to do for a life time? But its good we have construction workers and stuff so our world doesn’t fall apart.

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