Lauren Wagner

There are not very many jobs where you would have to know the exact distance

from a point to a line. A job where you would use that is if you make cd’s.

This job would be very difficult trying to get the EXACT distance. They also

use this theorem a lot to make gaming programs.

There also are a number of 3D geometric construction techniques that require a coordinate system perpendicular to a line segment, some examples are:

  • Creating a disk given its center, radius and normal.

  • Forming a cylinder given its two end points and radii at each end.

  • Creating a plane coordinate system perpendicular to a line.



6 Responses to “Lauren Wagner”

  1. Luke Volz Says:

    I think this job would be pretty hard. The thing that would be hard is finding the exact distance. I would hate it. This was a good article.

  2. Emma Lee Says:

    I never thought people made CD’s, it makes sense, but i never thought of how they were made and i didnt think it would have to do with geometry.

  3. Alexis Beitler Says:

    This is crazy! Seriously I didnt know making a cd could be so complex! Guess the exact distance to things is needed a lot!

  4. Anna Allberry Says:

    This sounds really difficult! It makes sense how they would have to get the cd’s perfect.

  5. Cameron Bargell Says:

    wow this sounds hard im glad i wouldnt have to do this but good job

  6. Abby Hess Says:

    This jobs sounds pretty difficult. I always thought machines did this work and it was easy. I guess not. ha

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