Spencer Elliott

Parallel and perpendicular lines play an important role in our lives. This is evident in the field of engineering and architecture. Parallelism and perpendicularity is applied in order to construct a building, which has a uniform structure and a strong foundation. It has to be perpendicular to the ground and its floors parallel to each other. Without this, the building will not be able to stand. Engineers would apply the principle of parallelism and perpendicularity and with the aid of modern measuring equipments, they will be able to calculate the dimensions of the building. This is the stepping tone of the engineer towards the successful construction of the building.



7 Responses to “Spencer Elliott”

  1. Janelle Hoatson Says:

    This shows that parllel and perpendicualr lines are important to us so that way buildings dont fall down on us

  2. Anna Allberry Says:

    It does make sense that architecture and construction would play in with parallel and perpendicular lines.

  3. Lydia Lusk Says:

    I learned that parrell and perpendicular lines are importnt to make buildings

  4. Luke Volz Says:

    Parallel and perpendicular lines play a really big part in construction and architecture. It keeps everything balanced.

  5. Emma Lee Says:

    I always thought that construction and architecture would use lines and geometry so this backs up my idea.

  6. Alexis Beitler Says:

    I always figured that construction was pretty simple. I never knew that parallel and perpendicular lines played such a big role in construction and architecture.

  7. Cameron Bargell Says:

    I learned that this has a lot to do with construction and architecture good job

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