Emma Lee

There are many different jobs that involve using linear angles on a daily basis. Architects use them to measure walls, stairs, etc. Contractors use them for almost everything.  They use them to measur the angle and pitch of the roof so that they know how many shingles they will use.  Furniture builders use them to make sure everything is put together so it will work properly. The definition of a linear angle is a pair of adjacent angles formed by intersecting lines.


Emma Lee

Geometry Period 5



6 Responses to “Emma Lee”

  1. Janelle Hoatson Says:

    thats a good way to put it. it ca also make should you buy enough materials

  2. Spencer Elliott Says:

    This makes sence. I always thought that geometry would always be used in architecture and building things. This just shows an example.

  3. Anna Allberry Says:

    I never really thought about furniture builders using geometry!

  4. Lydia Lusk Says:

    Its nice to know how much stuf fyoui will need

  5. Luke Volz Says:

    This makes a lot of sense. A lot of geometry is used in architecture and construction.

  6. Alexis Beitler Says:

    I never looked at it from this point of view. We all always wonder why we need geometry. I never knew that furniture builders used geometry! That’s insane. There are a lot of different people who whose the same things we are learning right now!!!

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